• Organic Ingredients

    All products are organic. The ingredients used in the products are natural and no chemicals used.

  • Truely Handmade

    All products are Handmade and made out of love.

  • Freshly made

    Our products are made out of love and made in small batches to deliver you the fresh.

  • Formulation

    Each of our product is made with right formulation of the right and fresh ingredients. They are made as a nature solution to your skin and hair care concern.

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Say Hi to Bella !!

We love animals and don't encourage any kind of harm to them. We DO NOT test any of our products on them. Our products are 100% CRUELTY FREE.

Say Hi to Bella who is also a part of our family.

Little Champs

Little Champs is our brand for kids.

They are designed on the base of child development in different aspects of skills. We have been mainly focusing on creative, linguistic, cognitive, socio - emotional and sensory & motor skill. Not only these activities would help in the development of these above skills, it would also help to build the great relationship between you and the child. Teaching your child in a fun and healthy way with no screen learning is very important. Our kit is designed where child can explore, create, learn and play.